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5th-Feb-2011 08:00 pm(no subject)
This community is no longer in use.

Please go to cryptamnesia (or the directory) for current updates.

Thank you!
ELAPSE ; noctis
2nd-Dec-2010 04:08 pm - UPDATE DECEMBER 2ND 2010
Currently, the game is active in the following communities:


The following gaming communities are inactive for the time being due to the way AT game mechanics work.


Any questions, feel free to ask :)
a b s o l u t e . t h r e s h o l d
16th-Nov-2009 08:04 pm - EVENT :: PT. 1 { SLOW BURN }

It's not as if anything prepares you for the dizziness that suddenly swirls about your senses, whipping itself fast enough to threaten to take you off your feet. And maybe it's just your vision failing you in a time of need, but daylight starts to cloud and dim until it's as dark as night and the air is as thick as mud. Maybe you stumble, maybe you fall to your knees in panic at the sudden change in air making it just a little more difficult to breathe initially, or maybe you don't know if you have done anything at all but simply stand in the same sport you'd froze in when the feeling hit you in the first place (after all, this is probably all in your head).

(Isn't it?)

The dizziness starts to subside, leaving you with the same surroundings, the possible feeling of nausea that accompanied the spell of imbalance melting away, as well, but your thoughts would be on more pressing matters. Like how the city is quiet even for this city and it's so quiet you swear you can hear something, anything—everything—but nothing moves from its stillness.

(...Isn't it?)

Your ears pick up the sudden sound when it does occur, a single droplet falling from the sky amplified and echoed an uncountable multiple of times and its followed by another drop and another, until scattered rain turns into sheets. But the rain isn't cold, it's warm, and it isn't light like water or solid like hail or crisp like snow (just thick, so very thick). It's not clean and it smells heavy of rusted iron.

It tastes like it, too.

a b s o l u t e . t h r e s h o l d
For a split second, everything seems to stop and there is a deafening silence. And then it's pierced by the thunder of glass cracking and shattering outwards, only to fly into the air as sprays of nothing more than harmless drops of water. Some of the water droplets evaporate, some splash structures or individuals are litter the now mirrored substance-free city's streets.
The bells of the cathedral do not toll, and, for once, the overcast sky breaks to allow a bit of sunshine in to warm the city.

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a b s o l u t e . t h r e s h o l d
17th-Aug-2009 10:51 pm - GHOST IN THE MACHINE EVENT >> 1.5
The only warning is the otherwise dead silence being broken by the thundering sound of the cathedral bells.

One. Two. And it's as if the swing for the third bell can be heard and a sound should be coming soon but then there's nothing other than a sixth sense that something in the city is not like it was before those bells and it's very very wrong. ||

i. ???

OOC Information ; be prepared it's a little long!Collapse )
a b s o l u t e . t h r e s h o l d
And it's not long after this, that a cold, unnerving feeling descends suddenly. Perhaps this is that plane shift the Ice Magister had warned about earlier, or perhaps not. Perhaps not because this is nothing like any of the other plane shifts and hybrid or not something is off. And maybe if that wassn't enough of a hint its the sudden fall of snow—except its not snow at all. It's more like shards of crystal descending. Pieces of glass. And when they hit the ground, they just don't litter, but instead meld and start to expand: spread and creep and cover the architecture and the streets until the entire city's architecture is encased. While most of it is simply solid and cold, it's clear that various points have become mirrors or other similar points of reflections, but for now staring at them brings nothing but more questions your own reflection staring back at you.


Air is thinner, contains a chill and a mist that lacks moisture and humidity. And no matter where you are, or who you're with, it feels like someone else is there that shouldn't be. Someone you don't want.

Familiars will be restless and on guard, they may be quite unfriendly even towards those who are not their owners due to stress.

All atmosphere zones of influence, while currently normal, are at their high end probability of influence on the mind. (SEE MAP)

Communication seems to be normal, but any attempt at using filters/private from here on out is a 50/50 chance of being broken/distorted by some unknown force. Flip a coin, don't abuse, play fair, it's part of the game, okay :)

Despite everything, there doesn't seem to be a physical threat as of yet: no monsters, no difficulty breathing, no countdown to armageddon: just this strange change of scenery, really.

IF YOU DIDN'T GET THE HINT THOUGH, THERE IS SOME CRAZY SHIT IN THE MIRRORS. But nothing's going to happen to you. Yet. \o
a b s o l u t e . t h r e s h o l d
4th-Jun-2009 11:50 pm - CASINO EVENT > SUBPLOT | Night IV
Things like this have to be witnessed in order to fully comprehend.

And even then, it's a wonder if those who witness it are ever allowed an unbiased interpretation of what they saw and experienced in the heat of the moment. Because things happen so fast. And in this place, even with things so much more lively and positive, life is fragile. Peace and quiet and safety are not real, only the absence of war, chaos, and danger.

Because, really, no matter who you are or what you do, one small change could change your life. Being in one place at one particular time could save your ife, but it could also end it, too.

It's the open floor that greets those entering the casino that is the setting for what's to behold. Slot machines, card game tables, roulette gambling table, pool tables: a sample of everything and anything you would find within the casino that has to do with traditional gambling. Open bars litter the main floor, even some small restaurants, although the extravagant dining and bar experiences are up above, overlooking the main floor. The atmosphere is positive; crowded and lots of noise, but it's a surrounding that breeds excitement rather than dread. And after four days of this place being normal, it's almost comforting to find so many people moving around in a place in a city that has been vacant far too long.

And things continue to go well through this night as well. Lucky gamblers, those spending the evening with another, even good times with some friends over a game of cards or in the bar as discussions run wild. But, maybe everything going so well—the unnatural lack of loss and disappointment in an establishment that, while entertaining, ultimately makes its money by having its patrons suffer losses—should have been the first hint. Maybe the hint should have been that this is the fourth night the casino has been in Nuadoria and that such a number holds unlucky attributes in some cultures. Or maybe the hint should have just been that this is a dead and ever rotting city and nothing is going to change that stigma. No matter what "plane" is currently dominant over the city, or what amenities appear, Nuadoria still is a wasteland, a mass grave that's only vacant and not littered with bones because circumstances crushed all into nothing.

It's not until 11:59 PM, according to clocks if one was happened to be looking at one, that this lively scene takes a drastic turn.

Fight split secondsCollapse )

[OOC: All right, then, if you volunteered your character for getting killed, they'd have been on the main floor during the experience. You guys are welcome to post some sort of accidental voice post or something, but they're going to be dead by the time anyone can see them in the casino. No lingering onto life. Dead dead by the time it's over. You're also welcome to write a tag reply to the linked thread of their death experience and give others a chance to react personally to them should they have been someone important to them. Anyone else who doesn't know the victims personally or doesn't react to one of them in particular (I don't know, maybe your character was randomly standing next to the before they were killed), is also welcome to reply to the thread. Please make sure to only reply to the linked thread rather than another character's response unless they are interacting directly with the person in question (I think this is already self explanatory, but in case you weren't sure.)]
E N I G M A T I  C
28th-May-2009 09:38 pm - EVENT :: CASINO
With night falling, Nuadoria is still relatively pleasant without its sunshine. Stars are present and whether the atmosphere is real or fake probably doesn't matter to those who have been victim to its unforgiving atmosphere changes as of late. It seems nothing is different other than a dark from light shift, even the sillhouettes of the people who once lived here the same as ever—ghosts, memories unaware of what has befallen them and the presence of those still alive.

However...Collapse )

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a b s o l u t e . t h r e s h o l d
18th-May-2009 07:17 pm - EVENT END ll >>> finaaalllyyy
To some, it'll be oddly familiar how once the sound of bells start, so does the decay, exactly like before. And once again, Nuadoria is a rather lovely looking place. You're back on the regeneration plane for the time being. Enjoy it while it lasts.

During the transition, to the regeneration plane, in that ear piercing sound, you'll only feel the pain for a second before it goes silent despite the bells continuing to ring. And your characters will be experiencing another one of those dreams.

And then it's over, leaving you in Nuadoria's prosperity with your thoughts.

Even characters whom had less than desirable conditions set upon them (ghosts & half-ghosts) will find themselves suddenly returned to their normal solid state somewhere in the city regardless of their previous location (should they have been in the Necropolis prior).

Although, there are a few things that aren't exactly the same as before. First, there's a new addition to Nuadoria, off where the docks are in a corner (don't try to look at the map right now it's down lol :( ). It's a completely new district, some type of entertainment distract (bars, etc). The largest and most notable building is currently inaccessible, although from the outside of it looks something akin to a hotel or even a casino.

While most monsters retreat, your characters will find that not all do, or even that some will appear after the planes have shifted. If they're alone, they'll only see one. If they're not, they'll see only as many as there are people with them. And each creature will step towards a character, seemingly curious, inspecting, but not hostile. Should you try to harm them, it won't do you any good. In fact, you may find any injuries the one interested in you sustains, you'll be receiving a mirror image.

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a b s o l u t e . t h r e s h o l d
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